Mt. Bailey
(Hole in the Wall Route, July 26, 2004)

P7260071 P7260072 P7260073 P7260075 P7260076
P7260078 P7260079 P7260080 P7260081 P7260082
P7260083 P7260084 P7260085 P7260086 P7260087
P7260088 P7260089 P7260090 P7260091 P7260092
P7260094 P7260095 P7260096 P7260097 P7260098
P7260099 P7260100 P7260101 P7260102 P7260103
P7260104 P7260105 P7260106 P7260107 P7260108
P7260109 P7260110 P7260111 P7260112 P7260114
P7260115 P7260116 P7260117 P7260118 P7260121
P7260122 P7260123 P7260124 P7260125 P7260126
P7260131 P7260132 P7260133 P7260134
start time - 7:15 am
at summit - 11:00 am
return to cars - 2:30 pm
click here for two
pictures by Jon Jurevic