Mount Saint Helens

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Monitor Ridge route -- July 23, 2006

We started at 5:55 am hoping to beat the heat as it was forecast to be over 95 in town this day.
We hiked at a quick pace through the woods and crossed the Ptarmigan trail in about an hour,
a gain of about 900 feet in two miles distance. We kept to the obvious trail for most of the way
and bouldered when necessary. The weather-gods were kind and provided us with a cooling
breeze for most of the way up. We reached the rim at 10:10 am. There, we broke for lunch
and views and were able to see and hear rock fall on the dome as well as feel a 1.8 magnitude
earthquake. We headed down at 11:00 am and got back to our cars at 2:25 pm. 8.5 hrs RT.
PICT1111 PICT1113 PICT1114 PICT1115
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PICT1128 PICT1129 PICT1130 PICT1131
PICT1132 PICT1133 PICT1134 PICT1135
PICT1136 PICT1137 PICT1138 PICT1139
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PICT1168 PICT1170
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