Old Snowy

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via Snow Grass Flats -- September 4, 2006 prior climb

Lori, Julie, Pat, Mike and I made a day trek into
Old Snowy on a hazy day (from forest fire smoke).
The weather was good and our RT time was 9 1/4 hours.
DSCN5767 DSCN5768 DSCN5769 DSCN5770
DSCN5771 DSCN5772 DSCN5773 DSCN5775
DSCN5776 DSCN5777 DSCN5778 DSCN5780
DSCN5781 DSCN5782 DSCN5783 DSCN5785
DSCN5786 DSCN5787 DSCN5788 DSCN5789
DSCN5790 DSCN5791 DSCN5793 DSCN5795
DSCN5796 DSCN5797 DSCN5799 DSCN5800
DSCN5801 DSCN5803 DSCN5806 DSCN5807
DSCN5808 DSCN5809 DSCN5810 DSCN5811
DSCN5812 DSCN5813 DSCN5814 DSCN5815
DSCN5816 DSCN5817 DSCN5818 DSCN5819
DSCN5821 DSCN5823