Cairn Basin

MT HOOD, OREGON -- Oct. 1, 2006

I led a group of eleven on this Mazama sponsored hike. We started at Top Spur
trail, went along the side of Bald Mountain on the west side of the Timberline Trail
and then crossed the ridge to the north side of the trail and followed it to Cairn Basin.
We hiked approx. 9 miles with about 1,800 ft. gain. easy pace, 5:30 hrs RT.
DSCN6009 DSCN6010 DSCN6011 DSCN6012
DSCN6013 DSCN6014 DSCN6015 DSCN6016
DSCN6017 DSCN6019 DSCN6020 DSCN6021
DSCN6022 DSCN6023 DSCN6025 DSCN6026
DSCN6027 DSCN6028 DSCN6029 DSCN6030
DSCN6031 DSCN6032 DSCN6033 DSCN6034
DSCN6035 DSCN6039 DSCN6040 DSCN6043
DSCN6044 DSCN6045  
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