Mount St. Helens

Swift Creek Route -- May 13, 2007

Pictures starting with CIMG were taken by Marty. Pictures starting with DSC were taken by Tom.
CIMG0893 CIMG0895 CIMG0898 CIMG0900
CIMG0901 CIMG0905 CIMG0906 CIMG0912
CIMG0913 CIMG0915 CIMG0916 CIMG0918
CIMG0920 CIMG0921 CIMG0923 CIMG0928
CIMG0932 CIMG0933 -- --
DSC05532 DSC05535 DSC05536 DSC05537
DSC05538 DSC05541 DSC05542 DSC05544
DSC05547 DSC05548 DSC05549 DSC05550
DSC05578 DSC05583 DSC05587 DSC05597
DSC05600 DSC05606 DSC05608 DSC05609
DSC05621 DSC05624 DSC05633 DSC05650
DSC05656 DSC05664 DSC05673 DSC05674
DSC05677 DSC05681 DSC05683 DSC05684
DSC05688 DSC05690 DSC05695 DSC05696