Mount Ellinor

Avalanche Chute Route, OLYMPICS (WA) -- May 27, 2007

It was raining lightly as we drove to the trail head, but it stopped as we arrived at the
snow patch that blocked the road short of the parking area. The trail was clear for
about a half mile, then the snow was in good shape for steps. We followed other's tracks
up the chute. The clouds parted as we got to the false summit. Time to the summit was
3 hours. Took some pictures, then glissaded, going down in half the time we took going up.
CIMG0977 CIMG0978 CIMG0979 CIMG0980
CIMG0981 CIMG0982 CIMG0983 CIMG0985
CIMG0986 CIMG0987 CIMG0988 CIMG0989
CIMG0990 CIMG0991 CIMG0993 CIMG0994
CIMG0995 CIMG0996 CIMG0997 CIMG0998
CIMG1001 CIMG1002 CIMG1003 CIMG1004
CIMG1005 CIMG1014 CIMG1015 CIMG1016