Old Snowy
 Bob's Pictures  Goat Rocks Wilderness, Washington, September 2, 2007

last year

Twelve of us ventured into the Goat Rocks Wilderness and summited Old Snowy.
It was a great day, with some wind at the top. The views were magnificant.
This was a first glaciated summit for three of our team and the first time here
for seven of the team. We estimated we hiked 13 miles. RT time was 9:25.
CIMG1816 CIMG1817 CIMG1822 CIMG1823
CIMG1824 CIMG1825 CIMG1826 CIMG1827
CIMG1828 CIMG1829 CIMG1830 CIMG1831
CIMG1834 CIMG1835 CIMG1836 CIMG1837
CIMG1838 CIMG1839 CIMG1840 CIMG1841
CIMG1842 CIMG1843 CIMG1844 CIMG1845
CIMG1846 CIMG1847 CIMG1849 CIMG1850
CIMG1851 CIMG1852 CIMG1853 CIMG1854
CIMG1855 CIMG1857 CIMG1858 CIMG1859
CIMG1860 CIMG1861 CIMG1862 CIMG1863
CIMG1864 CIMG1865 CIMG1866 CIMG1867
CIMG1869 CIMG1870 CIMG1872 CIMG1876
CIMG1877 CIMG1877a CIMG1878 CIMG1880
CIMG1883 CIMG1885 CIMG1886 CIMG1887
CIMG1888 CIMG1889 CIMG1891 CIMG1893
CIMG1894 CIMG1895 CIMG1898 CIMG1899
CIMG1900 CIMG1901 CIMG1902 CIMG1903
CIMG1904 CIMG1905 CIMG1906 CIMG1907
CIMG1908 CIMG1909 CIMG1910
 start time: 6:35 am
at the summit: 11:05 am
back at the cars: 4:00 pm