Tilly Jane trail
Mount Hood (OR) -- August 2, 2009

Merle, Monique and I hiked up the Tilly Jane trail to it's intersection with the Timberline Trail.
The trail was quite dusty and the weather was warmer than expected. Until we were nearly two
miles in, there wasn't much of a breeze. The first mile is in the woods and then as we hit the ridge
we were in the burn from last year. The cabins at Tilly Jane CG weren't hit and the last mile to
the trail intersection is unscathed except for some blowdown. 7.2 miles RT, gained/lost 2,800 ft.
CIMG0913 CIMG0914 CIMG0915 CIMG0918
CIMG0919 CIMG0920 CIMG0922 CIMG0923
CIMG0926 CIMG0927 CIMG0928 CIMG0929
CIMG0931 CIMG0932 CIMG0933 CIMG0935
CIMG0936 CIMG0937 CIMG0939 CIMG0941
CIMG0942 CIMG0944 CIMG0945 CIMG0946
CIMG0947 CIMG0947A CIMG0948 CIMG0950
CIMG0951 CIMG0952 CIMG0954 CIMG0956
CIMG0957 CIMG0959 CIMG0960 fIMG0916
fIMG0917 fIMG0938