Scott Mountain

 Central Oregon -- September 26, 2009


I went on a car camp near Sisters and on Saturday I joined a hike to Scott Mountain.
It's five miles west of MacKenzie Pass and the hike gains 1,300 feet in the 4.1 mile
hike to the top of the "mountain" at 6,100'. We took just under two hours to reach
the top and enjoyed some great views of mountains and of the lakes we passed by.
I used two different cameras in this set of pictures. Those labled with a 'CIMG' as
a prefix were taken by my Casio EX-FH20; 'P' were taken with my Olympus 1010.
CIMG0004 CIMG0005 CIMG0008 CIMG0009
CIMG0010 CIMG0013 CIMG0015 CIMG0016
CIMG0017 CIMG0019 CIMG0020 CIMG0021
CIMG0022 P9260004 P9260005 P9260006
P9260008 P9260012 P9260012b P9260013
P9260014 P9260022 P9260025 P9260026
P9260027 P9260028 P9260029 P9260032