Redwoods Outing

near Crescent City, CA -- August 25-30, 2013


Thirty of us decended on the KOA north of Crescent City and hiked a sampling of the trails in the parks.
Each of five days, hikers could choose from two guided hiking options, or go out on their own. This page
documents one option. The first three letters of the picture number abbreviates where the hike went.
BST = boy scout tree; DCT = damnation creek; ELK = elk we saw along the road; HBT = hidden beach;
JIT =James Irving Trail / Fern Canyon; LBJ = Lady Bird Johnson; TFT - Trillium Falls; TOM = trees of mystery.


BST_0410 BST_0413
DCT_0498 DCT_0500 ELK_0493 ELK_0495
ELK_0496 HBT_0422 HBT_0424 HBT_0425
HBT_0427 HBT_0433 HBT_0440 HBT_0441
HBT_0442 JIT_0459 JIT_0462 JIT_0465
JIT_0466 JIT_0467 LBJ_0483 LBJ_0484
LBJ_0487 LBJ_0488 LBJ_0491 TFT_0472
TFT_0478 TFT_0479 TFT_0480