Murphy Hogback

Canyonlands National Park, Utah -- Sept 23, 2010


The six of us hiked a mile to the rim of the canyon and descended 850 feet in 3/4 mile
to the next level. We then went out onto the 'hogback' for another mile and enjoyed the
views. This is not recommended for those with vertigo issues Total gain/loss 1,280 feet.
P9230207 P9230209 P9230210 P9230211
P9230212 P9230214 P9230215 P9230216
P9230217 P9230218 P9230219 P9230220
P9230222 P9230223 P9230224 P9230227
P9230228 P9230230 P9230231 P9230232
P9230234 P9230238 P9230239 P9230240
P9230241 P9230242 P9230243 P9230244
P9230246 P9230247 P9230248 P9230250
P9230251 P9230252 P9230255 P9230256
P9230257 P9230258 P9230259 P9230260
P9230261 P9230262 P9230263 P9230269
P9230276 P9230278 P9230279 P9230280
P9230281 P9230282 P9230283 P9230285
P9230286 P9230287 P9230289 P9230290
P9230292 P9230293 P9230294 P9230295
P9230297 P9230298 P9230299 P9230302
P9230303 P9230304 P9230305 P9230306
P9230307 P9230308 P9230309 P9230310
P9230311 P9230319 P9230321