Colorado River raft trip

east of Moab, Utah -- Sept 28, 2010


It was predicted to be 97F today so we opted for an easy six mile float on the Colorado River.
We put in at Hittle Bottom Landing and got out at Rocky Rapid Landing. Rapids were small.
P9280001 P9280003 P9280009 P9280012
P9280014 P9280015 P9280017 P9280023
P9280029 P9280035 P9280038 P9280048
P9280049 P9280050 P9280051 P9280053
P9280054 P9280060 P9280066 P9280070
P9280071 P9280088 P9280089 P9280093
P9280094 P9280096 P9280099 P9280101
P9280105 P9280106 P9280110 P9280114
P9280117 P9280118 P9280122