Rowena Plateau

six miles east of Mosier, Oregon

Richard Getgen led this hike of the Tom McCall Preserve in the eastern Columbia River Gorge.
I chose to do the first part which was a 2.5 mile hike on the plateau with little elevation gain.
P5010006 P5010014 P5010040 P5010041
P5010046 P5010047 P5010049 P5010051
P5010052 P5010053 P5010054 P5010055
P5010056 P5010057 P5010058 P5010062
P5010063 P5010064 P5010065 P5010066
P5010067 P5010068 P5010069 P5010074
P5010075 P5010076 P5010081