Silver Star

Yocolt Burn Forest, WA -- July 11, 2012



I was privledged to be invited on a Mac Club hike of Silver Star hiking Ed's Trail and
going to the Indian Pits below the summit. Total distance 6.7 miles, 2,000 ft. gain/loss.
The road to the trailhead is majorly potholed, so I thank Wes for driving and leading.
P7110001 P7110002 P7110010 P7110012
P7110013 P7110015 P7110018 P7110020
P7110023 P7110025 P7110026 P7110027
P7110028 P7110031 P7110033 P7110036
P7110038 P7110040 P7110042 P7110043
P7110045 P7110046 P7110047 P7110048
P7110049 P7110050 P7110051 P7110052
P7110053 P7110054 P7110055 P7110056
P7110058 P7110061 P7110065 P7110066
P7110069 R7110011 R7110024 R7110030
R7110034 R7110035 R7110041 R7110044
R7110060 R7110062 R7110063 R7110064
R7110067 R7110068  
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map of the area
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map of the hike
(red dashed line)