Bodie State Park
July 30, 2010

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The first six pictures were taken on the way to the park. The rest are of the town
that had 10,000 inhabitants in 1880. Five percent of the original buildings remain.
CIMG0195 CIMG0195a CIMG0196 CIMG0196a
CIMG0198 CIMG0198a CIMG0201 CIMG0202
CIMG0203 CIMG0204 CIMG0205 CIMG0208
CIMG0209 CIMG0210 CIMG0211 CIMG0212
CIMG0213 CIMG0214 CIMG0215 CIMG0216
CIMG0217 CIMG0219 CIMG0220 CIMG0221
CIMG0223 CIMG0225 CIMG0226 CIMG0227
CIMG0228 CIMG0229 CIMG0230 CIMG0231
CIMG0232 CIMG0233 CIMG0234 CIMG0235