Mt. St. Helens climb


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  trailhead elevation  2,700 feet (Marblemount); 3,700 feet (Bivi)
  destination elevation  8,300 feet
  one way distance  8 miles (Marblemount); 5.1 (Bivi)
  location  Gifford Pinchot NF, Washington
  exertion rating  difficult; be in shape
 excellent begining climb; snow through mid-July.
 climbing info  click here to see a prospectus for May 11th


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msh0007 msh0008 msh0009 msh0010 msh0011
msh0011a msh0011b msh0012 msh0013 msh0014
msh0015 msh0016 msh0017 msh0018 msh0019
msh0020 msh0021 msh0022 msh0023 msh0024
msh0025 msh0026 msh0027 msh0028 msh0029
msh0030 msh0031 msh0032 msh0033a msh0033b
msh0033c msh0033d msh0034 msh0035 msh0036
msh0036a msh0036b msh0037 msh0038 msh0040
msh0040b msh0040c msh0040d msh0040e msh0041
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