Barrett Spur Hike

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(via Pinnacle Trail, Mt. Hood Wilderness, October 19, 2002)

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starting our hike at the Pinnacle trailhead rocks along side the trail winding through the woods at the wilderness boundary
huckleberry bushes turning colorful boggy area going through more color open meadow
last weeks snow moving along to the next junction signpost at the Timberline Trail the view to Hood River Valley
heading along the Timberline Trail looking down into Elk Cove heading up to the ridge color on the ridgeside
it's steeper than it looks approaching the ridgecrest looking down from the ridge into Elk Cove on the ridge trail
looking back to the side (right) we hiked up Barrett 2002102025 2002102023
getting closer to Barrett Spur looking down to the lower spur Mt. Hood looms above a little cloud forming on the spur
now, we're in that cloud the higher (south) portion of the spur clouds below us clouds around us
the view opens to reveal Cathedral Ridge heading back a parting shot of Mt. Hood from the lower spur the spur (the highest part is actually on the right)
cloud streaming on the mountain looking down to Dollar Lake the group at Dollar Lake the view at Dollar Lake