Mt. Jefferson climb

South Ridge route - Sept 1, 2002

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Mt. Jefferson from Shale Lake Mt. Jefferson from the trail Goat Peak in the foreground yes, we do have to climb up that ridge the false summit seen from the red saddle
we'll traverse under that snow patch looking down on the glacier below people on the handline for the traverse looking down the first traverse fall line looking to the North on the westside traverse
looking to the South on the westside traverse looking North with Mt. Hood in the distance Annie at the summit that's me at the summit Dean at the summit
Jan near the summit Lori at the summit John near the summit Lori descends from the summit in a bit of clouds  the true summit is the left side knob
somehow, we have to get down that clinging to boulders as we descend more boulder hopping finally getting below the big rocks we did come down through that
back at high camp . It took about fourteen hours round trip to climb from our camp at 7,800 ft. About 3 hours of it was waiting for light and better conditions to proceed.