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 mountain name  route(s)

 Mt. Adams  South

 Mt. Baker  Coleman-Demming

 Glacier Peak  Boulder Basin

 Mt. Hood  West Crater Rim; South

 Mt. Jefferson  Shale Lake

 North Sister  Arrowhead Lake

 Middle Sister  Renfrew Glacier

 South Sister  Devils Lake

 Mt. Olympus  Blue Glacier

 Mt. Rainier  Disappointment Cleaver

 Mt. St. Helens  Monitor Ridge

 Mt. Shasta  Avalanche Gulch

 Mt. Shuksan  Sulphide Glacier

 Mt. Stuart  Cascadian Col

 Three Finger Jack  South

 Mt. Washington (OR)  North Ridge

 Broken Top  Green Lakes

 Old Snowy  North and South Ridges

 Mt. Washington (WA)  East side

 Mt. Ellinor  The chute

 Pinnacle (and Plummer)  Reflection Lake

 Sahalie  Cascade Pass - South face direct

 Unicorn  Snow Lake

 Mt. Thielson  South Ridge

 Mt. Bailey  Hole in the Wall

 Mt. Angeles  Klahhane Ridge

 Castle (and Pinnacle and Plummer)  Reflection Lake


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 trail name  vicinity  my rating
 Angels Rest  Columbia River Gorge, OR  
 Archer Mountain  Columbia River Gorge, WA  
 Ape Canyon  Mt. St. Helens, WA  
 Barrett Spur  Mt. Hood, Oregon  
 Belknap Crater (Big and Little)  McKenzie Pass, Oregon  
 Black Butte  Central Oregon  
 Bluff Mountain  Gifford Pinchot Forrest, WA  
 Cairn Basin  Mt. Hood, OR  
 Camp Muir  Mt. Rainier, Washington  
 Canyon Creek Meadows  Three Fingered Jack, Oregon  top ten
 Cape Falcon  Oregon Coast  
 Cape Horn  Columbia River Gorge, WA  
 Cape Lookout  Oregon Coast  top ten
 Cascade Head  Oregon Coast  
 Cooper Mountain Park  Washington County, OR  
 Cooper Spur  Mount Hood, OR  top ten
 Devils' Peak  Mount Hood, OR  
 Devils Rest  Columbia River Gorge, Oregon  
 Dog Mountain  Columbia River Gorge, WA  top ten *
 Dry Creek Falls and the Pinnacles  Columbia River Gorge, Oregon  
 Drift Creek Falls  Oregon Coast  
 Eagle Creek  Columbia River Gorge, Oregon  top ten
 East Zig Zag  Mt. Hood, Oregon  
 Four-in-One Cone  Three Sisters Wilderness, OR  
 Franklin Ridge  Columbia River Gorge, OR  
 Gorton Creek  Columbia River Gorge, OR  
 Hamilton Mountain  Columbia River Gorge, WA  
 Horsetail Falls - Triple falls  Columbia River Gorge, OR  
 Indian Heaven  Gifford Pinchot NF, WA  
 Jefferson Park  Mt. Jefferson, Oregon   top ten
 Kings Mountain  Tillamook Forest, Oregon  
 Larch Mountain  Columbia River Gorge, OR  
 Lyle Cherry Orchard  Columbia River Gorge, WA  
 Mathieu Lakes  Sisters, Oregon  
 Mazama trail  Mt. Hood, Oregon  
 McKenzie River  Sisters, Oregon  
 McNeil Point  Mt. Hood, Oregon  top ten
 Multnomah-Waukeena  Columbia River Gorge, OR  top ten
 Nesmith Point  Columbia River Gorge, OR  
 Nick Eaton Ridge - Gorton Creek Loop  Columbia River Gorge, OR  
 Ollallie Butte  Warm Springs , Oregon  
 Opal Creek  North Santiam, Oregon  
 Pacific Crest (Herman Creek)  Columbia River Gorge, OR  
 Paradise Park  Mt. Hood, Oregon  
 Plummer Peak  Tatoosh Range, WA  
 Ramona Falls  Mount Hood, OR  
 Rowena Plateau  Columbia River Gorge, OR  
 Salmon Butte  Mount Hood, OR  
 Scott Mountain  Sisters, Oregon  
 Silver Star via Grouse Vista  Yucolt Burn Forrest, WA  
 Silver Star via Ed's Trail  Yucolt Burn Forrest, WA  top ten *
 Storey Burn  Tillamook Forest, Oregon  
 Table Mountain  Columbia River Gorge, WA  
 Tam MacArthur Rim  Sisters, Oregon  top ten
 Tom-Dick Ridge (Mirror Lake)  Mt. Hood, Oregon  
 Tilly Jane  Mt. Hood, Oregon  
 Triple Falls  Columbia River Gorge, Oregon  
 West Zigzag  Mt. Hood, Oregon  
 Wahclella Falls Columbia River Gorge, Oregon  

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 trek name  vicinity index 
 picture albums '09-'10 treks  Mt. Hood, Oregon  winter '09-'10
 picture albums '08-'09 treks  Mt. Hood, Oregon  winter '08-'09
 picture albums '07-'08 treks  Mt. Hood, Oregon  winter '07-'08
 miscellaneous pictures '06-'07 treks  Mt. Hood, Oregon  winter '06-'07
 miscellaneous pictures '05-'06 treks  Mt. Hood, Oregon  winter '05-'06


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 outing name  vicinity  
 Grand Teton National Park  Wyoming  
 Bryce, Zion, Capital Reef, etc. NPs  Utah  
 Zillertal Alps  Austria  
 French Alps  France  
 Dolomites  Italy  
 Cinque Terre  Italy  
 Canadian Rockies  Canada  
 Swiss Alps  Switzerland  
 Croatia  Adriatic Sea  
 Yosemite  California  
 Arches, Canyonlands, etc. NP  Utah  
 Redwoods  California  
 Lassen Volcanic NP  California  
 Zurich, Lucerne, Zetmatt  Switzerland  


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 mountains  picture and a short description  
 waterfalls  miscellaneous falls, many locations  

* = when wildflowers are blooming